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Our Mission

We are a non-profit organisation based in Poznań, Poland. Our team members represent various disciplines: cultural management, PR, intellectual property law, art education, art market, culture and linguistics, restoration. Together, we support the promotion of culture. We believe that spreading art can inspire people in all aspects of life.

We are all struggling to get through this hard time and our mission is to empower emerging artists, not only to help them survive but also to let them give us hope for a better tomorrow. Experiencing art is fundamental to our wellbeing and enhances creativity in all sectors.

Currently, we are involved in a new project co-funded by the European Commission within the Creative Europe framework. MArteLive is a multidisciplinary art festival in Rome and Lazio Region (Italy) gathering hundreds of emerging artists under 35. Since 2001, it has helped thousands of youngsters express their artistic views. It offers training opportunities in order to support underrepresented audience and encourage professionalism in the creative sector. MArteLive is a role model in the industry.

Now, together with Kintai Arts Residence and Tuzla Live, our goal is to implement the initiative in Poland, Lithuania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It would be a completely unique, prestigious event gathering emerging artists representing many different fields and countries. In spite of the great support of the European Commission, we still need EUR 30,000 to launch the project planned for 2021.

So what’s in it for you? Become our partner and help us make it happen, your contribution is crucial for us to succeed. Remember, it feels good to be part of something life-changing and our project is exactly that. Help emerging artists shape their careers.

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